Sunday, March 13, 2016

And One Last Thing...

As I've not yet launched or named the 2016 Tour, I'm checking in here at Big X one last time. While it is unusual for me not to have packaged and launched the Tour by this time of year, there is method behind the madness. The sheer number of dates and complex logistics has dictated that the future tours- read, 2017 and beyond- will be booked and planned out much farther in advance. I'm aiming for 12- 18 months. Of course, I'll still book short and shorter notice to fill holes, but it is getting harder and harder to do that as the whole business is evolving to longer planning. So, a little more down time this year. And hopefully a bigger, better Tour in the years ahead. After ten years and 1000 shows under the National Steel Blues Tour banner, it's not just a Tour– it's a way of life.

Meanwhile: what's up?

I'm booking to South Africa, so Tour packaging for the current year will reflect that theme.

Kickstart– crowd funder– to launch in a couple of weeks time. Presuming I meet my target, there should be a new, Colin Linden produced CD done by summer. Above, there's a nice picture of us taken by Dawg-FM blues radio at the Maple Blues Awards in Toronto. Recording is planned for Nashville, TN.

Mostly smaller (20- 30 show) tours coming up:

Central western Canada in May and June

Ontario and Quebec in July and August

Atlantic Canada in September

Alberta and British Columbia in October

South Africa in November and December (NOT a small Tour!)

Yukon territory, Canada, January, 2017

USA Gulf Coast and Mid-West in February and March, 2017